Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How to start a fight with friends (and other thoughts on the end of the baseball season)

Okay...if nobody else is going to say it, I will.

I am sick of the f*cking Yankees and Red Sox. Sick of the cities, the teams, their "nations" of fans, the media's worshiping of them, the "angst" of Red Sox Nation despite their glorious win last season (I mean...really, folks...you won! Get over it!! Are you only happy when you're miserable?), George Steinbrenner, etc. The Yankees are not underdogs or a lovable scrappy team fighting for the playoffs - that isn't possible when you have a $200million payroll. And the Red Sox...you guys have a giant payroll as well. Stop complaining! You don't know how good you have it.

I'm sick of both of them. And I'm guessing I'm not alone. So...go Indians! Go A's! Go Angels!! Go White Sox! Anybody but Boston, New York, or (god help us all) Atlanta. New blood is needed. Anyone.

It's been fun while it lasted for the Nats, but...I think this week will probably seem them escorted out of the playoff chase. It's a shame. It's been fun while it lasted but in the end, we just don't have enough; enough pitching, hitting, power, experience, etc. I will go down on the record that I feel Zimmerman should have been starting at 3B for the entire month, but Frank gets what Frank wants. Doesn't matter...my guess is that next season will see a new GM and a new coach. Once that's done (post-ownership, naturally)...we can set to work figuring out what can stay and what needs to change. Pitching is more or less in place...it's the offense that needs work. Vidro, Nick Johnson, Ryan Church, Zimmerman, and Brad Schneider should all be back. Guillen I'd love to have back, but...he's such a polarizing figure and if we could package him with Guzman for a better player at short, I'd take it. We need to figure out if Sledge is in the plans for the future and work on our depth. Wilkerson hasn't hit for sh*t this year and a true leadoff hitter would be nice to have around. We'll see...

As for the Royals...the less said about 2005, the better. Yuck-o-rama.


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