Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Odds and ends

Work is still psychotic-busy...trying to keep my head above water and still get things marked off the to-do list, which gets longer every day. I could really use a day away from the office...but there just isn't time right now. So...this post will have to be a brief one...

CNN/SI has a "preview" of the Capitals posted on their site today. Doesn't make for encouraging reading. No surprises...we already know it's going to be a long season. From the way preseason has started out and how things look in the short term...I'd say we're looking at a lot of 5-1 games...a lot of shutouts...and a long couple of years. *sigh*

Yesterday I was down in the dumps a little bit. I don't have time to go into it right now...I'm busy enough that I shouldn't be writing blog entries at all...must less long ones. Running after work helped...I'm becoming accustomed to running some distance now...last night I could have kept going if I needed to, but an hour was already more than was required. Felt good to get the blood pumping, endorphins flowing, etc. One thing I can attest to with the marathon training is that there is a natural high that comes while running...and it's a fun one. Weekend group run went fine. I appear to have lost some weight - no surprise there...I keep inching closer to the century mark. This weekend is a 5 mile run - looking forward to it.

What I'm most certainly not looking forward to this weekend is spending Saturday afternoon (post run) at the office. Some retarded building power down so some charge can be taken out or something. It's dumb and it happens every three years. Anyway, we have to shut off everything in the building...and then power it back on when PEPCO is done with whatever they need to do and power is restored. I miss out on Friday night's shutdown fun b/c of Orioles tickets...but couldn't escape having to come in on Saturday. Joy. So much for my hopes of a Saturday afternoon nap. :-(

Okay...time to get back to work...


At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wooaahhh... you do a training run and get a runner's high? I run (well, walked most the second - it's true make sure your shoes are well broken in) and I think once I got the runner's high. No fair.



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