Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday morning - cold and rainy

Well...fall has apparently decided to hit us with a vengence. Even I will acknowledge that it's a bit on the cold side today...what with the rain and wind and all that joy.

I'm utterly swamped with laptops again. So this needs to be brief. But...I wanted to get back in the habit of at least one post a day. So...some things to read on a Tuesday...

Ever since the NYT went with that stupid "select" policy, you can't read Krugman, Dowd, etc. (even if it does have the bonus of meaning you don't have to read clowns like David "Official Administration Apologist" Brooks and Tom "Friend of the Multinational Corporation" Friedman). But thanks to sites like Truthout, you can read the good stuff. They've posted Maureen Dowd's utter smackdown of Judy Miller that came out over the weekend. Included are some nice bits, like:
Judy admitted in the story that she "got it totally wrong" about WMD "If your sources are wrong," she said, "you are wrong." But investigative reporting is not stenography.
Judy told The Times that she plans to write a book and intends to return to the newsroom, hoping to cover "the same thing I've always covered - threats to our country." If that were to happen, the institution most in danger would be the newspaper in your hands.

Also...if you've ever wondered how close to being fascist the wingnuts on the right really are, check out the latest bit of idiocy from Ann Coulter. Aparently the wingnut-bimbo confessed that she's "not a big fan of the First Ammendment" and that the right should repress free speech from the left. Nice. The sad thing is that people not only listen to and agree with her...but she gets paid to spout off this garbage.

Finally...something to file under disturbing: a Khmer Rouge theme restaurant in Phnom Penh.
Barefooted waitresses in black pajamas with a red chequered krama knotted around their necks—the trademark uniform of the Khmer Rouge—greet punters with an offer of the $6 set "Unforgettable Menu", which consists of a tea made from bitter leaves, rice or corn gruel, a plate of salt and a dessert that was served once a year to mark the fall of Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975.
What a world.


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