Friday, November 18, 2005


The Wall Street Journal has just released their latest Harris poll, which tracks the President's favorability rating. More bad news:


That's right. Only 34% of the American public believes the President is doing a good job. After 9/11 - it was at 88%. Last year...50%. In August...40%. Notice any trends?
Mr. Bush's current ratings don't compare favorably with those of three of the last four two-term presidents at a comparable time in their fifth year in office. In November or October of their fifth year, Presidents Johnson (67%), Reagan (66%) and Clinton (58%) all enjoyed the support of majorities, while President Nixon (29%) was less popular than Mr. Bush is now.
Yes....but for how long? I mean...we're truly approaching Nixon numbers here. And the amazing thing is that I keep thinking the numbers can't go lower, can they? I mean...eventually we'll hit his core of true-believers that think the guy is the second coming of Jesus or something, right? All of his erosion is in the moderates - Democrats already hated him. It's moderates and members of his own party that are abandoning the President.

Mr. President...what do you have to say when 68% of the American public in this poll believes that the country is on the "wrong track?" That number was at 48% less than a year ago - these are not statistically insignificant numbers! That is an overwhelming majority of the American people. Don't you think you owe us better?

I can't wait for next November...can I just sleep through the pain of the next year?


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first saw the 34% - I immediately thought that has to be a record low for a 2nd term president. And it is a low, for a president who hasn't been impeached (yet). What are the odds that he will eclipse Nixon's stellar marks???


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