Friday, November 18, 2005

Stickin around

I've decided to stick with this at least a little while longer. No guarantees that postings will be more frequent or of the same calibre, but I'm gonna try. I suppose we'll see.

That said...let's talk about the President and his wonderful, wonderful fall.

I'm sure, after such a horrid October that featured the withdrawl of a Supreme Court nominee b/c his own party wouldn't support him, his troubles getting anything done in Congress, the continuing mess in Iraq (including the dubious distinction of crossing the 2,000 American dead mark), his VP's chief-of-staff being indicted for felonies, questions into the behavior of his own top political aide and whatnot.....well, I'm sure he was happy to leave October. That said...November hasn't been any better.

First, there was his party's moribund performance last week in the off-off year elections, it's only real "win" coming in the NYC mayoral race, which wasn't something the Democrats were going to win no matter what. His party lost the Jersey governor's race - not that they were expecting to win there - as well as the much more bellweather VA governor's race. Worse, the GOP had setbacks in all kinds of local and statehouse races across the board and lost an ugly vote on propositions in California. I'm sure they'd hoped that this week they could control the news cycle with Bush's trip to Asia.

Wrong again. Questions about the leak investigation, charges of manipulating intelligence and congressional failures have dogged the administration and the GOP this week. Yesterday a hawkish Dem comes out and says the truth...that it's time to get out of Iraq - and that becomes the story. Bombings in other countries get worse...and Americans continue to die in Iraq.

What does any of this have to do with anything? The answer: not a lot. We're stuck with GW for another three years, but if things continue like they have...his party is headed towards an absolute disaster next year. I know...I know...the Dems still have their work cut out for them. But I'll be interested to watch and see next year how the administration spins a massive electoral defeat (should it happen). Will they become humble...admit their mistakes? I'm still guessing no. Time will tell.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure a Dem had some good things to say. An, admittedly cursory, following of the story seems to show that his fellow Democrats (though maybe one Republican had similar things to say) didn't exactly rally around the cause.

So, even if the President's support collapses, I don't think it will say much about the state of Republican vs. Democrats.



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