Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not a good year for Tom DeLay

It would appear that the Supremes have decided to rule on the controversial Texas redistricting plan. We won't know until the case is heard in March how the court is leaning on the subject (and even then...predicting the court's reaction based on the oral arguments and question/answer period is probably less accurate than reading tea leaves or entrails to predict the future), but...that they're hearing the case at all is a good sign IMHO. At least we'll get a definitive ruling on whether gerrymandering for overt political reasons is constitutional - and whether or not one can do it after it's already been done.

Combined with his own legal troubles, the mess the GOP is in, etc....not a great 2005 for Tom DeLay. This after the GOP's big triumphs only a year ago. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this. On the one hand, we could be headed for a partisan vote on the court, with the GOP appointees siding with Texas and the others with the plaintiffs. But, if this comes down to "states rights," one could see things going a different way. Or if you say that gerrymandering for any reason (race, sex, political affiliation, etc.) is unconstitutional.... I just don't know. There are so many issues involved here (the Voting Rights Act, partisan gerrymandering, mid-decade gerrymandering, one-person-per-vote, the census, etc.)...it wouldn't shock me if the Supremes even decided to rule on it in the next term...it's that complicated.

I suppose we have to wait and see.

More from me later today...I'm working on a write-up about...of all things...comic books.


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