Monday, December 12, 2005

Tis the season

We are all getting older. Every minute of every hour of every day...we age. Most of the time, we don't really notice it very much. Personally speaking, I rarely feel as if I'm all that much "older" than I was a few years ago...or even a decade ago. I'm still largely the same fantastic "me" that I've always been. There is, however, one thing that continually bites me in the a** to remind me that...yes...I am getting older.

I'm speaking, of course, about hangovers.

As I get older, the hangovers get worse. Oh, they're actually pretty much the same. It's my recovery time that seems to get worse. I can clearly remember going out on a Saturday night in college (or staying in), drinking plenty, and then getting up in the early afternoon the next day. While I was hungover certainly, I never actually lost an entire day to the experience. Not anymore. Yesterday was a good example. I slept until noonish and then ended up sleeping/napping all afternoon as well. Got up (barely) in time to go to the Argonaut gathering, but pretty much went to bed as soon as I got home again. Was totally wiped the point of having trouble getting up this morning, too. I should know by now that too much red wine is not my friend.

Other weekend details...

The 9 mile run on Saturday morning went well. Running on the ice kinda s*cks a**. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather this week so we don't have to run the full 20 on that, b/c I'm worried that the trail could be worse, since it doesn't get tons of direct sunlight.

The more I listen to it, the more in love I am with that Matt Pond PA album. I've listened to it almost exclusively over the weekend. Taking a break from that this morning by listening to Medeski Martin & Wood's (relatively) new album. Kinda genre-less stuff, though I suppose it's more jazz than anything else. Good stuff, though.

Struck out swinging at the party on Saturday night - asked for a girl's phone number and was denied. Whatever - I tuned her out when she started to give her reason, so I couldn't tell you what it was. Her loss, not mine - I still get to spend time with the fabulous person that is "me."


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