Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Two days to go

Marking time until vacation comes around. Another two days of work and I'm done until the 28th. For more or less the last week, I've been working on purchasing and only purchasing. Last night it was a big Dell order for 19" flat panel monitors (140 of them to be exact). Today it's laptops and desktops. Fun times.

A couple of noteworthy things to point out today.

First, I'm still working on/writing my expose on boys and superheroes/comics...don't know if I'll get it finished and ready to go before I go on vacation or not. We'll see.

Next...beliefnet has an interesting interview with Richard Dawkins, the controversial Oxford professor who has been accused of being on an "anti-creationism crusade." Just because he has said that creationists are “ignorant, stupid or insane.” Dawkins is a secular humanist, which is a dirty word to most of the Christianist faction in America. Anyway, the interview with beliefnet is an interesting one...I heartily recommend it. My favorite little bit:
Obviously, a lot of people find the theistic answer satisfying on another level. What do you see as the problem with that level?

What other level?

At whatever level where people say the idea of God is very satisfying.

Well, of course it is. Wouldn’t it be lovely to believe in an imaginary friend who listens to your thoughts, listens to your prayers, comforts you, consoles you, gives you life after death, can give you advice? Of course it’s satisfying, if you can believe it. But who wants to believe a lie?

And finally....isn't it a little bit of a sad statement about our society in America that last weekend, Eugene McCarthy...former Senator and candidate for President...a man who almost single-handedly toppled the Johnson Administration through his insurgent antiwar campaign in 1968 and put the debate over the Vietnam war onto the front-burner of American politics...died. A truly historic person who led an amazing life and might be more responsible than anyone else for getting us out of Vietnam (even though it would take a long long time).

And yet somehow...the death of comedian Richard Pryor is "bigger" news over the weekend. Just sad. I'm not taking anything away from Pryor. But he was a comedian and actor. His impact on our world, our nation, our society...well, I'm not really entirely sure if he had one other than other comedians.

I suppose even sadder is that I'm not surprised by this. Not one bit.


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