Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vacation - all I ever wanted

Well...home again, home again...tra-la-la.

That's right, I'm back from vacation. Back from my trip to Kansas to visit the family and take a much needed break from the joys of my job. My reward? I got sick. Shouldn't come as a major surprise. My mother's husband was sick with a cold, as were my niece and nephew. Plus, both my parents have dogs that are inside some of the time...have I mentioned that I have a terribly strong allergic reaction to dogs? So...basically, my immune system was under constant attack. Not a shock that it finally succumed on the last couple days of vacation and left me bed-ridden at home yesterday (I've always made fun of 'those people" who call in sick after a vacation - now I'm one of them).

Not too many messes to clean up here at the office. Only a small bit of ordering to sort out. I'll give a full rundown on everything once I get my head above water. But...I promised I'd keep to blogging for the you get this abbreviated post this morning.

Hope everybody's had a happy holidays.


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