Monday, February 06, 2006

About Last Night

So...talked to one of my sales reps, who works up in Seattle. They're all convinced that last night's game was fixed. Geeze guys...give it up. I'll give you the ticky-tack pass interference call against Jackson in the 1st Quarter...but if your team only scores 10 points despite gaining 350+ yards, you're going to lose. Even if we take away that pass interference, you still have 4 more points to make up.

Slate goes overboard (as usual...*sigh*...I'm back to pretty much hating everything on Slate these days) and says that the Rothlisberger touchdown at the goaline in the 2nd Quarter was a "clear stop." Sorry guys...not buying it. It isn't clear at all. I've talked to half a dozen people here at the office this morning and half said it was in, half out. You can't say it was a clear stop when not everybody agrees with you. Will Leitch on Deadspin called it a TD. called it a TD. The announcers on tv called it a TD. Only you said it was a clear stop.

Nevermind that Seattle missed multiple field goals that were makeable...and would have won them the game. And squandered a good defensive performance, picking Big Ben twice. Neither team played great, as Peter King put it King continued:
But if the Seahawks had played even consistently good, they'd have won the game. And that's what will gnaw at them all offseason. This game was there for the taking.
So that's that. Stop griping and trying to create controversy, Slate. Only Seattle folks are buying it.


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