Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How low can he go?

Read the numbers and weep, Republicans.

  • Bush's Job Approval Rating: 34% (an 8 point drop from January...he's now below last October's numbers)
  • Approve of Bush's Handling of War on Terror: 43%
  • Percentage who think the national economy as a whole is "good": 50% (7 point drop from January)
  • Percent who approve of the controversial ports deal: 21% (news that the Coast Guard, contrary to what the administration has claimed, has serious problems with the deal is likely to make that number plummet even further)
  • Percentage who think things are going "badly" in Iraq: 62% (an 8 point drop in 1 month)
  • Percentage who say Bush doesn't care much/any about people like them: 51%
  • Approval Rating of Dick Cheney: 18% (18!! 18!!! He's dropped into the f*cking teens!)
  • Approval Rating of Congress: 39%
It's early. It's only March yet, but we'll see. Things have not started well this year for the administration. Right now, the Democrats believe as many as 100 seats could be in play in the House. They also appear to be holding their own in Senate seats and poised to pick up some governorships. If things continue like this, we could see a wholesale disaster for the Bush administration in November...the kind where even moderate Republicans become in danger because of a general unhappiness at what's happened the last few years in Washington.

Hopefully. It's way too early to make predictions. But things are looking good so-far.


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