Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking like a bad day for the Busies and the neocons

A new Zogby poll of American troops finds a whopping 72% would pull American troops out of Iraq by the close of 2006. 29% said we should be out "immediately" and another 22% would have us out within six months. That's a majority.

Only 58% think our role/mission there is clear.

All of this is before the borderline civil war that appears to be starting there this week, mind you. How is that going to play in polls in America? So...we invaded a country, kicked down the doors and got rid of the stabilizing influence...and despite 3 years, we haven't been able to make anything work there and it has gone from bad to worse...to now borderline disastrous? Are we expected to take sides? Which side do we take? We can't cut and run, of course...even if we should...because that would more or less seal a coffin on the failure of the Bush Administration - he will go down in history as a failed president (mind you...I'm already sure that'll be what most historians think of him).

Yikes. Already, GOP moderates in both houses of Congress last week started bolting away from the president...distancing themselves. That's only likely to get worse. You don't embrace 34% - you run away from it...as fast as you can. Can you spell l-a-m-e d-u-c-k?

GOP representatives, senators, governors and state legislators all need to look at these numbers that are coming out today. They need to ask themselves whether they go down with the ship, perhaps sinking the party in general in the process, or


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