Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Miami Leftovers

Some final thoughts on Miami, the race, the future, etc.

  • A number of people have asked about pictures. They're coming...they're coming. I didn't have a digital camera with me, so I have to wait for CP to get her pics developed. And the official race photos haven't been made available online, yet. Within the next few days. I know I need to take a pick of the medal, too. All good things in time.
  • I had no idea South Florida was that nice in the winter. No wonder so many people go there.
  • I may have seen more Hasidic Jews in my four days in Miami and Miami Beach than I had seen in my entire 31 years up to that date. They were all over the place. Just thought I'd mention that...more evidence of the sheltered pre-Washington existance I lived.
  • Miami Beach was a blast - I have to make it back down there sometime. Didn't get to do nearly all the things I would have liked to.
  • Dinner on Sunday night in South Beach was at YUCA...a Cuban/Italian fusion restaurant that stands for "Young Urban Cuban-Americans"...and was one of my top-ten dining experiences ever. Would definitely eat there again. Highly recommended.
  • Mmmmm....ropa vieja.
  • There is something so calming about listening to the ocean. I've said it before...I have the love of the ocean only someone who grew up nowhere near it can have.
  • My goodness Miami has a lot of bridges.
  • Turns out Caitlyn (from my pace group) knows Dr. LC, a AAAS coworker/friend. LOL Small world.
  • Lots of people have asked "What's next?" Believe it or not...I'm going to continue running. I'm taking the month of February off to rest up and get over my injury. Come March, it's back to training. I've already identified some 10-mile and 10K runs to participate in and I've also signed up for the Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach over Labor Day weekend. I never thought of myself as a runner before...and I guess now I am. Go figure.


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