Thursday, February 02, 2006

Motorist fights bike courier...hilarity ensues

Today's must-see internet viewing. Yes, it's from last week...but I was out over the weekend and only found out about it today. Apparently, the incident went down like this:

Man in car litters on Toronto street.
Bike courier picks up sandwich, yells at motorist not to litter, then throws sandwich back into car.
Man gets out of car. Man throws coffee at bicyclist.
Altercation (and hilarity) ensues.

Click here for the photos, taken on the street (warning...this page is getting hammered with hits, so they'll be slow to load the first time). The comments are good, too. Good enough for the Toronto Star to take note of the incident.

I don't know which photo I find more hilarious...the one of the motorist about to stomp on the bicycle wheel, or the next-to-last photo...of the motorist snarling at the cyclist and generally looking like he should be locked away.


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