Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Odds and Ends

A few things I want to comment on, but only briefly:
  • Futurama movies! Hooray!! Who cares if they're made for DVD. They'll sell a ton of them, they'll cost nothing to make and that means tons of profits for Fox (okay...maybe that last part doesn't deserve a cheer). And best of all...we get more of Dr. Zoidberg - the world's only depressed and neurotic Jewish lobster/alien - and my favorite character. Ever.
  • I couldn't possibly care less about Bush's State of the Union speech last night. I've long since learned that he has absolutely nothing of value to say to me. How long is it until 2009 again??
  • Ditto for the whole flap over James Frey's memoir. From what I've been told, the whole thing smelled fishy from the beginning. Seems clear this is just another sad conman trying ot make a buck.
  • Finally...Pittsburgh loves it's Steelers. I was in the airport on Monday coming home - there were terrible towels hung up in shops like Godiva, Brookstone and Victoria's Secret. Nice to see some passion for the home team.


At 1:52 PM, Blogger the Alpha John said...

Zoidberg for President, he's better than the human-animal hybrid currently in office.


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