Friday, February 10, 2006

The sky is falling!

Panic! Panic! Run to the grocery store! You might not ever get food again! It's the end of the world!!!!!!!!!

That's's snow alert time here in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. And the panic is on. The Washington Post is predicting 5-10 inches on Saturday/Sunday...which, given the local track record on storm predictions, could mean as little as no snow at all and as much as two feet. Not that it matter, because today will see the standard run on the grocery stores (I pity the fool who goes to the Soviet Safeway after work tonight).

The DC area's reaction to a forcast of snow is always hilarious - high comedy. You'd think that the apocalypse was upon us. Come on, isn't that bad. We've all dealt with much worse. Get a grip!


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