Monday, February 06, 2006


Wired (I know, I know...I think the people at Wired are the biggest bunch of self-important posers in the world of technology and will continue to do so - but...they do occiasionally have some interesting articles) has come out with it's annual list of vaporware. No surprises on there...not really. I think they give Microsoft too hard a time on IE7 and the new Windows, since those were never supposed to come out in 2005. And just about everybody knows better than to count on a release date from Blizzard. And there are a multitude of conspiracy theories regarding all of Google's beta products.'s interesting reading. I remember that for a long time, the number one vaporware object was the infamous Daikatana...which (when it came out) was a total disaster. Personally...I was looking forward to "Road to Moscow" for years upon years...even the website for the game says it's coming out in 2000! lol


At 12:21 PM, Blogger the Alpha John said...

Ponderous. Wired, "the magazine for IT people", publishes two articles a year worth reading, and said articles are only half right.

I think it's time to send Wired to the magazine farm where it can run and jump and play...

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Banjax said...

Agreed. I got a free subscription for Wired from Salon awhile back. I think I opened maybe half of the issues...maybe read one or two of the articles. I cancelled it and switched to a free subscription to Rolling Stone. At least that magazine has hot chicks in scanty attire.


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