Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another good bit of news on the Nats front...

Disciples of St. Barry of Svrluga rejoice!! Today's WaPo article from camp carries, at last, the blessed St. Barry's byline.

One of the reasons following the Nats was so much fun last year was reading Barry Svrluga, primary beat reporter on the Nats for the Post. Not everybody loves him, mind you. He doesn't always tell the "story of the game" in his articles about the last night's action. Instead...he (IMHO) strives to put you in the seats...to get a feel for the game as it was. Plus, his weekly chats on the Post website are legendary amounts of fun. Some people don't like that.

The rest of us...we're glad to have him back. And in a few short weeks, we have his book about the first season to read.


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