Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh goodie!

The news is just chock full of joy today...

Word comes from multiple sources (WaPo, CNN, NYTimes, etc.) this morning that as many as 50-90 new bodies have turned up in Baghdad in the last 30 hours. Most of them showing signs of torture. As the NYT put it:
The victims, all male, were shot or strangled after being bound and blindfolded. Many of the bodies were found in Sadr City, the Shiite-controlled area where Sunday's bombings took place. The Interior Ministry also reported finding 29 bodies buried in the city's western regions and 15 bodies were found in a minibus on a road heading out of the city, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

The wave of killings began with a graphic display of street violence on Monday, in which Shiite vigilantes seized four men suspected of terrorist attacks, interrogated them, beat them, killed them and left their bodies dangling from lampposts, witnesses and government officials said. The sense of growing lawlessness deepened Monday night with a mortar strike against a well-known Sunni mosque in Baghdad, killing three people.

So...we've got that going for us. What civil war?

What a mess. Please...just get us out.


At 3:50 PM, Blogger the Alpha John said...

Yes, please get us out, now. We had to raise the debt ceiling today another $781 b-b-b-billion dollars to approve hte $91 b-b-b-billion dollars to pay for that mistake.

He's going to pass Reagan as worst president ever before his term is up. You watch.


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