Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not a day to remember for Nats GM

The few people who read this space know I can't stand Jim Bowden, the GM of the Nationals. The reasons are long and mostly deal with his utter incomptence. But yesterday wasn't a good day for him and since I enjoy delighting in his misery...let's recap...

First, news breaks about his arrest Monday morning for drunk driving. Seems he was in a bit of a domestic altercation with his fiancee, who beat him up. More than likely, it'll provide good reason for some house cleaning once ownership is named in the next week or two (come on, Bud! Get it over with already!!).

Even better...Ryan Church continues to make a mockery of Bowden's decision to start the season with Brandon "O for 4" Watson in CF and Church in New Orleans. In four games since returning to the Nats following his call-up on Friday, he's batted .286 with 3 HR and 8 RBIs, including a grand-slam to cap off last night's win.

Soriano has done well in the leadoff role, even if he might be better suited elsewhere. And Church hitting well makes Bowden look like an idiot for sending him down to start the season.

Of's still way too early. But I can hope these are further nails in the Bowden coffin.


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